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4 February 2007
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Lustrum 2006
This year we are celebrating the five-year anniversary of art collective SUBstitution (27 July 2006). Of course we will commemorate this happy event all throughout the year 2006. We will surprise you with special material from our archives, sometimes you will find things that were never published before! Unique backstage pictures, every exhibition, old posters, publications in the media...we will not cease to amaze you. Every week the set up changes, so do not forget to log on to our website regularly!

In order to open the expo Silverboys 2002 in a special way, SUBstitution organised a glitter and glamour party. There were about 75 party people that let their hair down that afternoon.

Get High On Life
Zero Intolerance
Public INterest
Silverboys 2002
Dita is Horny
30 October 2006
The first expo of the media project Plastique Fantastique has come to an end. With around 7.500 visitors this expo did certainly exceed our expectations. The audience was very enthousiastic and made that loud and clear. Special reaction boards were covered in personal opinions. To make a long story short: Noorderlicht 2006 was a success for SUBstitution!

17 September 2006
The first expo of the Plastique Fantastique project was officially opened today by cthe alderman of Culture in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) mrs. Yvonne Bleize. Under supervision of a large audience. A true show ballet by Theatre Group FlauweCult themed ‘ television show’ got the whole thing started during 45 minutes. After the show took off, the tv host interviewed the makers of the project and alderman mrs. Yvonne Bleize. He also hosted

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High On A Trance
SUBstitution is an art collective that consists of four young and liberal creatives: Eduard Dieters, Mark van Doorm, Bregje Kneepkens and Ronald Rooijakkers. Next to the permanent staff the collective works a lot on project-base with other enthusiastic creatives. The reason for this collaboration: developing the artistic spirit in themselves and of (hidden) new talented artists, supervising this talent and give them the opportunity to exhibit their creations.

The collective has four fundamental motivations:

1) Challenge:
Substitution sets out to challenge its audience to form their own opinion on so called 'taboo subjects'. People should explore the society they live in. SUBstitution aims to provoke discussion.

2) Stimulate creativity:
SUBstitution wants to trigger a creative explosion. All participants of an art project should be able to explore their own creative borders and grow artistically.

3) Offer opportunities to talented new artists:
SUBstitution has the know-how to present artistic creations. Novel artists can rely on this experience: the collective supervises them, offers them the opportunity to exhibit their creations and sets out to give them a unique experience... >>